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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between the BASIC package and the SUPER package?
A. The BASIC package is how the Judges will choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each age division. ALL CONTESTANTS will receive scores for interview, casual, theme and formal. The SUPER package is an opportunity for the contestant win more prizes by competing for Miss Model, Miss Talent and Miss Photogenic. The SUPER package is also cheaper than buying all optional categories al a carte.

Q. I am interested in the SUPER package but my daughter does not have a talent, can she just submit an extra photo for Miss Photogenic instead?
A. Unfortunately, the package can not be altered in any way. Encourage her to think outside of the box and choose a talent that is unique, fun and engaging. Have her practice it and she will be fine!

Q. My daughter takes the cutest selfies, can she submit  a selfie for Miss Photogenic?
A. Yes. Selfies are welcome. They just cannot have any filters on them. It must be a clear picture of your daughter.

Q. My daughter has never done a pageant before but she is not shy. Will she receive any training prior to pageant day?
A. Yes, this is a beginner's pageant. We understand that majority of the contestants have never competed in a pageant before. Therefore, we offer 4 workshops along with the actual rehearsals. They will learn everything from " A Model's walk vs. the Pageant walk" to "How to win and lose gracefully". We've got you covered!

Q. My 10 year old is the height of a 16 year old, can she compete in the teen division?
A. Our divisions are based on age not height or physical stature. She has to compete in the division that corresponds with her age.

Q. Will there be an opening routine? My daughter is so uncoordinated!
A. For most of our productions, we have an opening scene. A decision will be made before or after the 2nd rehearsal. Opening routines are usually very simple steps that anyone can do.

Q. What is the theme for this year's pageant?
A. The theme for the pageant will be revealed during the Pageant Orientation.

Q. I don't have a lot of money to buy the expensive pageant gowns like I see on TV. What suggestions so you have?
A. This is a beginner's pageant. Our goal is to build self esteem and self confidence in young ladies by introducing them to basic pageantry. Our goal is NOT to have you spend a lot of money in order to participate. Many parents have shared the following:
  • borrowed attire from family members( halloween costumes, prom dresses, homecoming dresses, fashion show attire etc.)
  • purchased affordable attire online (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc.)
  • utilized YouTube for DIY's (do it yourself)
  • solicited a "crafty" friend or family member to help

Q. We will be out of town and will not be able to attend the pageant orientation. Can she still compete?
A. Yes, she can still compete. While we highly recommend that both mom and daughter attend the pageant orientation, it is NOT mandatory. However, you will miss receiving the "detailed overview" of the entire official pageant packet and the Q&A session that follows. You will still receive your official pageant packet.

Q. How many tickets do I have to sell?
A. We are asking that ALL contestants sale a minimum of 5 tickets. We would like to have a FULL house to see an awesome show. Keep in mind that we have a prize for the TOP SELLER. The most tickets sold by a family to date is 28 tickets! So think BIG! In addition, we have the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD which is determined by the attending audience. So the more family and friends there for you, the more votes you will receive!

Q. Can we get sponsors?
A. Yes, we encourage you to seek sponsorship from family, friends and businesses in your community. A sponsorship letter is available upon request from the B-Elite Pageant Team.

Q. I registered my daughter and my niece, am I eligible for the sibling discount?
A. In order to receive the sibling discount, the registered contestants must be sisters (siblings). AT this time we do not offer a family discount.

Q. Am I able to be backstage to help my daughter in between categories?
A. Only the TOTS division can have a helper backstage. All other age divisions must be able to dress themselves. We will have team members backstage to assist. Backstage preparation tips will be discussed throughout the weeks prior to pageant day.

Q. How are the seating arrangements on pageant day?
A. Seating is first come first serve. We encourage families to arrive together to be seated together. No seat saving is allowed. Team members will be present on the floor to ensure that this is enforced. 

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